Moody Hues

Bases of black with navy, mauve and dusky shades all come together to create a look that is dark, dramatic and bold.

The concept for this look was dark, dramatic and bold, and inspired by interior trends, which often filter through into wedding looks. It is a look for a confident bride who isn’t afraid to break with traditions.

A base of black and ink layered with navy, deep mauve and dusky shades to highlight.  The tablescape includes black crockery, gold cutlery and dark, and elegant glassware. Candlelight adds a beautiful softness to this palette and brass details ensure the overall look is warm and opulent.

Seasonal foliage trailed along the table with moody blooms dotted throughout is dramatic and cost effective. The foliage is placed around the table decor to create a beautifully intertwined and expressive table runner.

Watercolour is very on-trend and a subtle way to bring in pattern, texture and colour. A soft washed indigo cake is dramatic and very beautiful.  This colour combination is mirrored on the stationery with white allowing the indigo watercolour to pop.  A clean, simple font completes the look.

Stationery is the first visual your guests have of the day and this will give a glimpse into a day that is going to be fashion forward, bold and creative.  A variety of petal sizes and shades create a beautiful style feature. Large, deep coloured petals and sweet rose buds are particularly beautiful – displayed in geometric brass vases to add edge and style.

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