Marriage at The Mill

Serena and Adam were married on 12th August 2016 at The Sheene Mill in Cambridgeshire

How did you meet?

I was meeting with some mutual friends (who I didn’t know were mutual at the time, due to Jordan living in Stoke on Trent and consequently not seeing them very often!) I walked into a bar to meet them at 2am after finishing work late and this ‘random’ guy just ran over and hugged me (It was very strange, and would usually turn me straight off, but I found it very amusing and we got talking). After an hour or so at the bar everything was closing up, so we all popped out to get some late night Pizza. One of our friends dropped a piece of his pizza on the floor and both Jordan and I ‘dived’ for it  (almost bumping heads on route!) We quickly bonded over our love of food, and how food should never be thrown away! After talking for some time I offered to drive Jordan back to Stoke on Trent (obviously I had no idea it was 3 hours drive away!) Jordan found it hilarious and after finding his own way back home, messaged me in the early hours of the following morning to take ‘the mick’! We added each other on Facebook and spent hours writing ‘essays’ to each other about every single little detail in our life! (We both gave each other 20 ‘in depth’ questions to answer!) – 1 week later Jordan hired a car and drove down from Stoke to meet me for lunch. After lunch, we went to meet my Mum and her boyfriend for drinks, then headed to my Dad and his ‘girlfriends’ at the time for dinner After dinner we sat up until 5am talking, when Jordan realised he’d better race back to return his hire car for 7am! He went on holiday the next day for 2 weeks, whilst there he ran up a £1,000 phone bill calling me every night. When he arrived home 2 weeks later, he got a taxi straight from Manchester airport to my house, dropped his suitcase at mine – And never left

How did the proposal happen?

We spent 9 years together before getting engaged. We always knew it was on the agenda, but we had a business to run and that had to take priority. We’d always said that we wanted to do it ‘properly’, so wanted to wait until we were able to do everything we wanted. When Jordan did propose, it was a complete surprise (that particular day for sure) The full ‘story’ can be found here:

Where did the wedding take place?

Sheene Mill in Cambridgeshire (It couldn’t really be anywhere else – We are the owners)

What did you wear (bride)?
A large Caroline Castigliano ‘ballgown style’ dress that I had several changes made to.

What did the rest of the Bridal party wear?
The bridesmaids wore a beautiful floor length champagne gold maxi dress, with an ivory lace top, low back and subtle train. The groomsmen wore a grey tails suit, an ivory waistcoat with champagne gold detailing, a champagne gold tie and pocket square to match, they each had an ivory rose (with the exception of Jordan who had a deep red rose to tie in with my flowers) and smart black shoes.

What was your theme?
It was a Classic, yet Glamorous theme, consisting of beautiful deep reds, champagne gold’s and Ivory (with a summery twist!)

Describe your cake
Sat on a beautiful champagne gold sequin table cloth, standing on its own beautifully made ‘lace effect’ icing sugar legs, it was 5 tiers of perfection, set off by a gold leaf tier, a soft lace and pearl design and absolutely stunning cascading flowers.

Something Blue?
I had a blue garter around the top of my leg

What were the highlights?
Definitely our 8 Course Wedding Breakfast feast and the dancing until the early hours!

Is there anything you wish you’d done differently?

Where did you go on honeymoon?
We didn’t actually go on honeymoon straight away, as August is a busy time for us, we delayed it and went in November when we were lucky enough to go to Singapore and then onto The Maldives.


Photography: Scotts of Cambridge ( & Phil Lynch (

Dress: Caroline Castigliano

Venue: The Sheene Mill, Cambridgeshire (

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