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Fake It

Artificial flowers are not what they used to be, they now look so real it’s hard to tell the difference. Whether it’s pastels or brights, hydrangeas or roses these bouquets from Peony and available from QVC will last long after the big day. Pop them in a vase and enjoy for years to come, bringing...

Blush and Grey

Pure and natural with a lightness of touch and sensual undertones. The sense of innocence is heightened by the lush green backdrop, abundance of British florals with creeping foliage and ripe fruit. This look is inspired by wild, overgrown English gardens where flowers grow freely.   A delicate and simple palette of rich green foliage and...

Moody Hues

Bases of black with navy, mauve and dusky shades all come together to create a look that is dark, dramatic and bold. The concept for this look was dark, dramatic and bold, and inspired by interior trends, which often filter through into wedding looks. It is a look for a confident bride who isn't afraid...